India is the seventh largest country by area and second most populates country in the world. India is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, The Arabian Sea on the south- west and Bay of Bengal on the south- east. The sight, scenery and sound of India are unique and amazing with the various beautiful temples, lush paddy field and the stunning beach. India is famous for the one of the seventh wonders of the world called Taj Mahal. Not only this India is also famous for the natural beauties and various culture, arts, language. Delhi is the capital city of India. So in conclusion we can say that India is one of the best destinations to hang out with family, friends…
Other Details:
Area   3,287,263
Location  Situated between China in the north and India in the south, east and west
Capital       New Delhi
Population   1.27 billion
People     India has more than 2000 ethnic groups 
Language   Hindi is the national language , Travel – trade people understand and speak English as well.
Religion   India is a secular state.
Currency Indian Rupee
Political System Democratic Republic
Climate India has four major seasons,they are: Summer, winter,Autum and Spring
Major Destination:                    
Goa is a small state in India which exhibits every bit of influence left by the Portuguese during the 500 year rule. Goa is better known and recognized for its vast stretches of beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue water, verdant green mountain ranges and its idyllic lifestyle which embraces any newcomer into its fold. It is the coolest place to hang out with friends; family…Goa is also famous for its wide range of religious places which form an integral part of its historic & religious tourist spots. Many  places of worships are known for its exquisite architecture. The Basilica of Bom Jesusin  old Goa is one such monument which attracts thousands of people from all faiths and makes it one of the most revered and visited Christian pilgrimage sites in Asia. 
Ooty is the Queen of hill stations and the capital of Nilgiris district. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts in India. It is situated at an altitude of 2,240 m above sea level.  Ooty is also a land of picturesque picnic spots. Ooty is blessed with Lofty mountains, great lakes, dense forests, sprawling grasslands, miles of tea gardens and eucalyptus trees. It is one of the most beautiful place to visit in India.
Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia with the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east and networked by 44 rivers.  An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters. Lush hill stations and exotic wildlife. Waterfalls. Sprawling plantations and paddy fields.  Ayurvedic  health holidays. Enchanting art forms. Magical festivals. Historic and cultural monuments. An exotic cuisine... All of which offer you a unique experience. And what´s more, each of these charming destinations is only a two hour drive from the other - a singular advantage no other destination offers. monuments. 
Agra is the formal capital of Hindustan. It is situated on the bank of Yamuna river in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the most popular city in Uttar Pradesh.  Agra consist one of the seventh wonders of the world called Taj Mahal .  Taj Mahal is believed as the symbol of love. It was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. Agra is also popular for the places like  Agra Fort, Amar Singh Gate, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s Tomb, Mankamheswar Temple etc…


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