General Information

Foreign Currency and Credit Cards
Nepal currency is Rupee (Rs) One can use US dollars for payments in Hotels, Travel Agencies, Airlines… Credits cards like: Master and Visa cards  are widely accepted.
Time and Business Hour
Nepal is five hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT. Business Hour for Government office is from 10am to 5 pm whereas for Non- Government Business it’s from 9am – 6pm depending upon companies rule.
All major towns are well connected with electricity. The voltage available is 220 volts and 50 cycles. Load Shedding is seasonal in dry seasons and ends when it begins to rain. Most of the hotels have uninterrupted power supply through their own generators.
The country has a good network of telecommunication facilities. Almost every town has an internet cafe and ISD calling booths from where you can log on to and send messages home and to your loved ones. Also most of the hotels have internet access. Mobile (cell) phone is also widely used with international roaming facilities.
Medical Facilities
Medical facilities are widely provided in each Districts. Moreover Kathmandu has most modern medical facilities with well equipment and qualified doctors in order to provide quality service. If illness or injuries occurs during Trekking in Remote areas then helicopter are there to rescue.

For people who love shopping and taking home gifts, Nepal offers a variety of goods. You may shop for items like hand- made items, painting, Thanka etc... One can come across these items in the many handicraft shops in Thamel and Kathmandu and also in major towns.
Nepali is the national language. People in Nepal have various languages according to their ethnic group. English is also widely speak especially in Tour and Travel business.
All types of Hotels are available according to your budgets. Most hotels in Kathmandu meet the recent standardization policy, most tourists accommodate in a 5 star or a 3 star hotel. The hotels are well maintained and have all basic amenities such as geysers and shower rooms and are properly maintained. Visitors can be assured of their warmth and comfort of the hotels and the ambience and the hospitality offered by the hotels are incredible. The 5 star hotels are mostly located in Kathmandu and Pokhara Varieties of hotels with all facilities are available in all places. Tea house are available in remote areas.
Most Nepalese dishes are spicy and are similar to India cuisine. Varieties of cuisine are served in most of the restaurants and hotels like; Chinese Continental, Korean etc. Visitors can also choose among the various vegetarian and non-veg food. 
Guides and interpreters
Nepal has a good team of interpreters and guides that possess good communication skills. 
Nepal observes numerous holidays, at least a couple in a month. The longest holiday in Nepal is during Dashain Festival which occurs in Late September or early October. Government office and Banks observe all the national holidays but Business office observes major holidays only.